Sunday, April 17, 2011


omg ya know what i hate? funkeritas. what is a funkerita? a female who likes to go insane for no reason and acts like a crack head. you may know several Funkeritas. my "favorite" Funkerita is my mother. (she's tweeking yo!) lol she likes to yell and put me down for the "tough love" effect. i guess it's hard seeing your daughter in Manba make-up and a huge blue wig... too bad mom! >>

some other Funkeritas are people who are otherwise known as "haters". there seems to be an over abundance of those in chicago. too bad I roll with the badist gals in town or their comments would really get to me. On my birthday i went all out on my manba look (pictures coming soon) and i think i did well :3 I'm 17 now and this year I'm upping my look 10x. be on the look out for it ;)

in other news! I'm going to Acen! I am a side cosplayer and i looooooove cons. :) hopefully i can teach a few dances? anyone else excited for acen? :P