Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's what's been going on. EVERYTHING.
lemme recap by months.


Depression and college stress. I'd been very mentally unstable. The college prep was(and still is) getting to me. Which school? How are my scores? He's already been accepted to that school? WTF?!?! etc. :/ in addition to that, relationship issues with my 'hubby' plagued my existence. :/ dispite this, I did my best to survive. I went on a shopping spree with the help of my grandma [I moved over the summer, My mother and I live together and money is tighter then those jeans from two years ago!] and a list of things I needed to swag out my fall~ here's the haul~!


Needless to say, it was freaking awesome.

here's some cords spam~

And I went to my boo's homecoming. :3
( I had to borrow my mom's coat. I don't have a white one)

gawd, October was bleh... lots of money issues and again, mental stuff- but I started to know myself a little more. the end of october was mighty sexy though ;)

I turned this:

into this:

I have a crap load of embarassing Spirit week photos that i'm not gonna post~ ^^'
AND~~~ Cords from my movie date to see Footloose[great movie, soo much fun~!]:

Black*Cherry had a Halloween/Lisha's Birthday Me2~ sooo much fun~! I was a fairy *_* and we took purikura pics and had dinner. I skipped out on the sleepover though. :(

The birthday [Zombie]Gal!

"SHEHULK NO LEAVE TIP!" bahahahahaha!

beef bibimbop~ sooo goooood~

Kira-chan, so CHU!

as soon as the pics we took in the machine go online, i'll upload em. :/ damn photo sticker chicago~!

I'M IN HAIRSPRAY! a school musical, might as well, ya know?
My mental state is steadily improving *knock on wood* and I'm doing better. here's cordes, make, hair, etc from this month.
Wig before:


My mother hasnt been feeling well, and yesterday she went to the hospital. please keep my family in your thoughts, I know it's not the most important thing on everyone's minds, but please cross your fingers for my Mama. she's been taking care of me for quite a while now, and I'm just hoping she'll be ok. <3 thx for reading~!


My brother wants to be a rapper. He wants fame, money, a carreer and the lifestyle. Why? That lifestyle is all he knows. He's possibly skitso, depressed, and had problems focusing. All he wants to do is live peacefully with his daughter, a 6 pack, and a blunt. Why do rappers only talk about these things? why are their issues never REAL issues? IMO they have problems. They couldn't function in society as a whole and represent others with as much of a deficiency as them. The experience of growing up 'In the hood' changes the inside of a person. It manipulates them into thinking that there's nothing that they could possibly do to life themselves higher then their current status. If you have family issues, how are you supposed to know that it's genuinely wrong to be promiscuous or do excessive drugs? The years that are most important to our development must be spent wisely, whatever is learned or whitnessed at ages 0-5 will be the direct blueprint for their personality and how they live their lives. If at age 3 little timmy sees his parents abusing alcohol and drugs and being promiscuous, dont be surprised if he has an alcohol problem twenty years later. The thought that you only have a few options (Basketball/Football player, Rapper, Prostitute, Teen Parent, Fast food worker, or Eye-candy) for a future is what holds these people back and keeps them in their current situation.

Basicly, my point is- Rappers and such are people too, they're not idols. In all actuality, they could have quite a few issues with their mental state. If not, perhaps they where raised that way. Does that mean you should refer to women as they do, and do things based on liking something they said? well that depends. Do you embody the term "Monkey see monkey do"?

[Just a thought...]