Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming up~ surviving International Manba day ! look forward to it!

Monday, July 9, 2012



I imagine that's what your thoughs where like when you saw that i'm finally made an update post.... well all I have to say is...well SORRY!!!
I've been busy with alot during this last few months. My Asian pop club had a showcase, I got a job, I'm now a college student, and my life's been moving non-stop without asking me to put on a seatbelt first!!! oi!!!

Alright. first thing's first: I have several tutorials coming up before the summer's end. look for em.


 My school had a 'drama student oscars' showcase, and I performed Tsukeme Tsukeru by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I pulled out a gothic doll look for the 'Freaky Formal' event and put my old lolita crud to good use!

Went Prom shopping and experimented with my look a bit. i like the ponytails personally xD

I got that out of the way~ and the next job was to go to PROM~* Here's my make-up/ hair [sorry for the blur~ I was rushing] 

And here's my nails. I did em myself!
oh prom.... I was highly emotional that day.... sorry to anyone I cursed out >>'

I graduated. It was quite touching, almost am much as it was LONG FOR NO REAL REASON!!!

I got some bottom lashes, and they're terribly cute :3 [make-up i wore one day when I went to hang out with an old friend]

 and not as dramatic as the ones I made.

OH! and I got a job too. I hate it ^^ Guess where I work! :P

I bought a teaset :DDDD It's so cute >< I've always wanted one!

Gay Pride [Bi pride represent!!!!!!!] Parade With my Gals and Boyfriend!!!

MAN IT WAS PACKED! and it was hot too. people picking fights and passing out.... oi ><

and this is make-up for work on the 4th of july, when I wasn't being lazy >< I went for a 'Popteen' look. all the little kids where like "SHE'S PWETTY MAHMEEEE" :,3 thank you random baby. I try.

welll... I think that's it.... OR IS IT?!?! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trying to Update Regularly~

Today was a decent day. Sun outside, but cold as all get out in the morning. i had to start the day out in leggings under my cute skirt T_T BUT~ toward the end of the day I was able to break free! Mini skirts FTW! :3 the top I wore was a bit bigger then I thought it was though.. perhaps i should edit it and make it a strappy backless top that's apparently trending. haha. *shrug*

todays look:
Also- i got a wig in the mail from an Ebay seller that I ordered a while ago. verdict: for 15$ I expected better, considering my 8$ one still looks good, but whatever. I'm gonna suji-mori the poop out of it anyway.

Spring break!!! It's coming up and I can just SMELL the excitement. Going out with my boyfriend and sleeping... oh that's the life alright. *giggles* I'm just full of 'jokeroos' I suppose. I've been addicted to netflix lately, gawd I need a new hobby. ><


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out With The OLD...

And in with the new!

New Layout,
New Kevi,
New Boyfriend,
and lots of new stuff ;)

So~ i got a pair of contacts from and they're ADORABLE. Review:

I also received some new merch and wigs which i'm exploiting! :3 I've also been steeling my boyfriends clothing to add to my wardrobe [who doesnt need a trucker hat and oversized hoodie???] as well as my new found love for a cute Hello Kitty Make-up brush set I got on Ebay. <3

I've been uber busy- but i have an announcement- I'M GONNA BE A STUDENT AT SAIC IN THE FALL! yay!!! I'm so excited. The school seems to be my kinda place, lets hope i'm right. *crosses fingers*

I've also have been cooking alot more recently. I've been having a major sweet tooth T_T good thing Asian sweets arent as sugar heavy as American sweets are! I learned how to make roll cake LIKE A BOSS, and it'll probably be one of my signature deserts from now on! so light~~ T_T


I hate work *cries a little* but I only gotta deal with this a couple more months, then I'M FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


ya ya i know what you're thinking, 'HOW COULD SHE HAVE NOT BLOGGED IN SO LONG?!?!!?' well.... cuz i can! LOL I'm so bad at committing to doing stuff like this. oi...

ALRIGHT! so here's the down low low down diggy,

I've been working with my dance group alot, learning kpop dances, the girls (and guy) are getting so good :) Mommy's so proud~! *__* we'll hopefully be performing soon! cross your fingers!

Also: I've been shopping like a freaking rich person... but like... bargin shopping. lately, i've been living at ragstock, like seriously, their clearance section is like a M/Banba crack-house! soo many colors, so little money! TwT I've also been working on nails alot lately, made Tomo-chan a nail set for Val-day, i hope she liked it! :3 i also put in cookies [mommy made em, so she gives them away before i can eat em all T______T sum about diabetes. screw diabetes! i want choco-chunkiness T__T] here's le nails:
made specially for Tomo!

and here's the ones i've been wearing:
they has been made especially for valentines day :3 even tho i dont really have an official valentine [tho i do have a lovely lady in my life that just happens to be my bestie~!] i've decided to get in the spirit and pretend someone loves me~ XD oh gawd.

okies, like the nail sets? I'll soon be selling some sets online for a reasonable price to my lovely gyarus. i'll be shipping only in America for a while, see how it goes. :3

now then, lets talk future. i'm coming to the age where everyone's asking me: 'What do you wanna do with your life?' Honestly? I HAVE NO FAWKING CLUE. I've been sheltered and pushed and punched into this little box all my life and i dont know what i truly enjoy aside from recreational things. i know i dont wanna be in a stuffy suit behind a desk, and i dont wanna be standing for hours at a time either... idk.. I might go into cooking school.. i like to bake... but i hate serving people. I might go to beauty school... i could do make-up all day... maybe. :P

gosh.. idk. :( it sux that they expect you to know everything. blehh.....

k. that was depressing... to lighten the mood, here's what i looked like this week! i wore the new green crop sweater i just bought. LOVES IT! and the rest of the week... i was lazy T_T

hope you enjoyed this mini-rant! <3 stay hawt~ ;3

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's what's been going on. EVERYTHING.
lemme recap by months.


Depression and college stress. I'd been very mentally unstable. The college prep was(and still is) getting to me. Which school? How are my scores? He's already been accepted to that school? WTF?!?! etc. :/ in addition to that, relationship issues with my 'hubby' plagued my existence. :/ dispite this, I did my best to survive. I went on a shopping spree with the help of my grandma [I moved over the summer, My mother and I live together and money is tighter then those jeans from two years ago!] and a list of things I needed to swag out my fall~ here's the haul~!


Needless to say, it was freaking awesome.

here's some cords spam~

And I went to my boo's homecoming. :3
( I had to borrow my mom's coat. I don't have a white one)

gawd, October was bleh... lots of money issues and again, mental stuff- but I started to know myself a little more. the end of october was mighty sexy though ;)

I turned this:

into this:

I have a crap load of embarassing Spirit week photos that i'm not gonna post~ ^^'
AND~~~ Cords from my movie date to see Footloose[great movie, soo much fun~!]:

Black*Cherry had a Halloween/Lisha's Birthday Me2~ sooo much fun~! I was a fairy *_* and we took purikura pics and had dinner. I skipped out on the sleepover though. :(

The birthday [Zombie]Gal!

"SHEHULK NO LEAVE TIP!" bahahahahaha!

beef bibimbop~ sooo goooood~

Kira-chan, so CHU!

as soon as the pics we took in the machine go online, i'll upload em. :/ damn photo sticker chicago~!

I'M IN HAIRSPRAY! a school musical, might as well, ya know?
My mental state is steadily improving *knock on wood* and I'm doing better. here's cordes, make, hair, etc from this month.
Wig before:


My mother hasnt been feeling well, and yesterday she went to the hospital. please keep my family in your thoughts, I know it's not the most important thing on everyone's minds, but please cross your fingers for my Mama. she's been taking care of me for quite a while now, and I'm just hoping she'll be ok. <3 thx for reading~!