Sunday, February 12, 2012


ya ya i know what you're thinking, 'HOW COULD SHE HAVE NOT BLOGGED IN SO LONG?!?!!?' well.... cuz i can! LOL I'm so bad at committing to doing stuff like this. oi...

ALRIGHT! so here's the down low low down diggy,

I've been working with my dance group alot, learning kpop dances, the girls (and guy) are getting so good :) Mommy's so proud~! *__* we'll hopefully be performing soon! cross your fingers!

Also: I've been shopping like a freaking rich person... but like... bargin shopping. lately, i've been living at ragstock, like seriously, their clearance section is like a M/Banba crack-house! soo many colors, so little money! TwT I've also been working on nails alot lately, made Tomo-chan a nail set for Val-day, i hope she liked it! :3 i also put in cookies [mommy made em, so she gives them away before i can eat em all T______T sum about diabetes. screw diabetes! i want choco-chunkiness T__T] here's le nails:
made specially for Tomo!

and here's the ones i've been wearing:
they has been made especially for valentines day :3 even tho i dont really have an official valentine [tho i do have a lovely lady in my life that just happens to be my bestie~!] i've decided to get in the spirit and pretend someone loves me~ XD oh gawd.

okies, like the nail sets? I'll soon be selling some sets online for a reasonable price to my lovely gyarus. i'll be shipping only in America for a while, see how it goes. :3

now then, lets talk future. i'm coming to the age where everyone's asking me: 'What do you wanna do with your life?' Honestly? I HAVE NO FAWKING CLUE. I've been sheltered and pushed and punched into this little box all my life and i dont know what i truly enjoy aside from recreational things. i know i dont wanna be in a stuffy suit behind a desk, and i dont wanna be standing for hours at a time either... idk.. I might go into cooking school.. i like to bake... but i hate serving people. I might go to beauty school... i could do make-up all day... maybe. :P

gosh.. idk. :( it sux that they expect you to know everything. blehh.....

k. that was depressing... to lighten the mood, here's what i looked like this week! i wore the new green crop sweater i just bought. LOVES IT! and the rest of the week... i was lazy T_T

hope you enjoyed this mini-rant! <3 stay hawt~ ;3