Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trying to Update Regularly~

Today was a decent day. Sun outside, but cold as all get out in the morning. i had to start the day out in leggings under my cute skirt T_T BUT~ toward the end of the day I was able to break free! Mini skirts FTW! :3 the top I wore was a bit bigger then I thought it was though.. perhaps i should edit it and make it a strappy backless top that's apparently trending. haha. *shrug*

todays look:
Also- i got a wig in the mail from an Ebay seller that I ordered a while ago. verdict: for 15$ I expected better, considering my 8$ one still looks good, but whatever. I'm gonna suji-mori the poop out of it anyway.

Spring break!!! It's coming up and I can just SMELL the excitement. Going out with my boyfriend and sleeping... oh that's the life alright. *giggles* I'm just full of 'jokeroos' I suppose. I've been addicted to netflix lately, gawd I need a new hobby. ><


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out With The OLD...

And in with the new!

New Layout,
New Kevi,
New Boyfriend,
and lots of new stuff ;)

So~ i got a pair of contacts from and they're ADORABLE. Review:

I also received some new merch and wigs which i'm exploiting! :3 I've also been steeling my boyfriends clothing to add to my wardrobe [who doesnt need a trucker hat and oversized hoodie???] as well as my new found love for a cute Hello Kitty Make-up brush set I got on Ebay. <3

I've been uber busy- but i have an announcement- I'M GONNA BE A STUDENT AT SAIC IN THE FALL! yay!!! I'm so excited. The school seems to be my kinda place, lets hope i'm right. *crosses fingers*

I've also have been cooking alot more recently. I've been having a major sweet tooth T_T good thing Asian sweets arent as sugar heavy as American sweets are! I learned how to make roll cake LIKE A BOSS, and it'll probably be one of my signature deserts from now on! so light~~ T_T


I hate work *cries a little* but I only gotta deal with this a couple more months, then I'M FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!