Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trying to Update Regularly~

Today was a decent day. Sun outside, but cold as all get out in the morning. i had to start the day out in leggings under my cute skirt T_T BUT~ toward the end of the day I was able to break free! Mini skirts FTW! :3 the top I wore was a bit bigger then I thought it was though.. perhaps i should edit it and make it a strappy backless top that's apparently trending. haha. *shrug*

todays look:
Also- i got a wig in the mail from an Ebay seller that I ordered a while ago. verdict: for 15$ I expected better, considering my 8$ one still looks good, but whatever. I'm gonna suji-mori the poop out of it anyway.

Spring break!!! It's coming up and I can just SMELL the excitement. Going out with my boyfriend and sleeping... oh that's the life alright. *giggles* I'm just full of 'jokeroos' I suppose. I've been addicted to netflix lately, gawd I need a new hobby. ><



  1. Awww i knew it was gonna be hella crowded for pride so i didnt go lol

  2. It was my first one! I had to show my support :3 It was worth it. hehe