Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's what's been going on. EVERYTHING.
lemme recap by months.


Depression and college stress. I'd been very mentally unstable. The college prep was(and still is) getting to me. Which school? How are my scores? He's already been accepted to that school? WTF?!?! etc. :/ in addition to that, relationship issues with my 'hubby' plagued my existence. :/ dispite this, I did my best to survive. I went on a shopping spree with the help of my grandma [I moved over the summer, My mother and I live together and money is tighter then those jeans from two years ago!] and a list of things I needed to swag out my fall~ here's the haul~!


Needless to say, it was freaking awesome.

here's some cords spam~

And I went to my boo's homecoming. :3
( I had to borrow my mom's coat. I don't have a white one)

gawd, October was bleh... lots of money issues and again, mental stuff- but I started to know myself a little more. the end of october was mighty sexy though ;)

I turned this:

into this:

I have a crap load of embarassing Spirit week photos that i'm not gonna post~ ^^'
AND~~~ Cords from my movie date to see Footloose[great movie, soo much fun~!]:

Black*Cherry had a Halloween/Lisha's Birthday Me2~ sooo much fun~! I was a fairy *_* and we took purikura pics and had dinner. I skipped out on the sleepover though. :(

The birthday [Zombie]Gal!

"SHEHULK NO LEAVE TIP!" bahahahahaha!

beef bibimbop~ sooo goooood~

Kira-chan, so CHU!

as soon as the pics we took in the machine go online, i'll upload em. :/ damn photo sticker chicago~!

I'M IN HAIRSPRAY! a school musical, might as well, ya know?
My mental state is steadily improving *knock on wood* and I'm doing better. here's cordes, make, hair, etc from this month.
Wig before:


My mother hasnt been feeling well, and yesterday she went to the hospital. please keep my family in your thoughts, I know it's not the most important thing on everyone's minds, but please cross your fingers for my Mama. she's been taking care of me for quite a while now, and I'm just hoping she'll be ok. <3 thx for reading~!


My brother wants to be a rapper. He wants fame, money, a carreer and the lifestyle. Why? That lifestyle is all he knows. He's possibly skitso, depressed, and had problems focusing. All he wants to do is live peacefully with his daughter, a 6 pack, and a blunt. Why do rappers only talk about these things? why are their issues never REAL issues? IMO they have problems. They couldn't function in society as a whole and represent others with as much of a deficiency as them. The experience of growing up 'In the hood' changes the inside of a person. It manipulates them into thinking that there's nothing that they could possibly do to life themselves higher then their current status. If you have family issues, how are you supposed to know that it's genuinely wrong to be promiscuous or do excessive drugs? The years that are most important to our development must be spent wisely, whatever is learned or whitnessed at ages 0-5 will be the direct blueprint for their personality and how they live their lives. If at age 3 little timmy sees his parents abusing alcohol and drugs and being promiscuous, dont be surprised if he has an alcohol problem twenty years later. The thought that you only have a few options (Basketball/Football player, Rapper, Prostitute, Teen Parent, Fast food worker, or Eye-candy) for a future is what holds these people back and keeps them in their current situation.

Basicly, my point is- Rappers and such are people too, they're not idols. In all actuality, they could have quite a few issues with their mental state. If not, perhaps they where raised that way. Does that mean you should refer to women as they do, and do things based on liking something they said? well that depends. Do you embody the term "Monkey see monkey do"?

[Just a thought...]


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey Gals! i know it's been Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, but i'm about to recieve a small mirical- THE INTERNET! hahah :P I'm super excited to update you all about what's been up. My school's been poppin for my senior yr and stuff's gettign crazy- time for collage aps! T_T meeeeeh the money X_X BUT- It shall benifit sooooon. :P maybe i can be an artist afterall~! <3 well I'm in a library nao and ppkl are starin >> so~~~~ I'll ttfn and catch up up asap. Love you Gals! <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

so i've been vlogging~

and made a few vids~

woooot! look if you dare ;)

other news? ACEN IS A WEEK AWAY! i think i might just wet myself, seriously, i'm almost too prepared. if i was any more prepared i'd probably be in full cosplay xD

..... too late....

:P lol well on that note~ happy saturday morning! I better take my crazy tail to sleep~! A_A

Sunday, April 17, 2011


omg ya know what i hate? funkeritas. what is a funkerita? a female who likes to go insane for no reason and acts like a crack head. you may know several Funkeritas. my "favorite" Funkerita is my mother. (she's tweeking yo!) lol she likes to yell and put me down for the "tough love" effect. i guess it's hard seeing your daughter in Manba make-up and a huge blue wig... too bad mom! >>

some other Funkeritas are people who are otherwise known as "haters". there seems to be an over abundance of those in chicago. too bad I roll with the badist gals in town or their comments would really get to me. On my birthday i went all out on my manba look (pictures coming soon) and i think i did well :3 I'm 17 now and this year I'm upping my look 10x. be on the look out for it ;)

in other news! I'm going to Acen! I am a side cosplayer and i looooooove cons. :) hopefully i can teach a few dances? anyone else excited for acen? :P

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So my laptop decided to die. Oh well, i'm sure i'll be replacing it soon. Until then please be patient with me ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


oh my goodness it's been too long since i last blogged! sorry for the lack of upkeep v.v I just got a "job" with Gallery37 and i never get home until 9 or 10 anymore :x well~ not much has happened in the little time laps, but I have made a new friend and taken up a new hobby! "hmmmmm what could this hobby be?" you may be thinking, well- it's none other then... *dramatic pause* DECODEN!!!! lol mmhmmm I've picked up the best clays and supplies I could find and I've been deco-ing my little head off! soon enough I'll decorate something, but as of now I'm just making sweets to attach to things. Cakes, Pies, doughnuts, Ice cream, EVEN POPTARTS! :P i'm so excited~ i could just die! (but not before I decorate my sad looking phone ><)

IN OTHER NEWS! so about my new friend. well, he's a very special friend indeed. He's a Japanese exchange student at my school! YAAAAAAAAY! (finally, someone who doesn't look at me like I'm insane at first glance xD)He'll only be here for a couple more months, but he has yet to experience the wonders of Japanese influenced Chicago! weeeeelll~you don't expect me to just let him be satisfied with downtown and main street chinatown do you? of course not >:) I plan on showing him a little bit of the Ameri-Gal spirit as well as my lovely endeavors with my otaku friends! lets hope this works out well, eh?

so besides that, nothing much is up. I miss my Gal sisters terribly and I can't wait to see them and show em all the new パラパラ and テクパラ I learned over our small hiatus! stay tuned for more in the eyes of a Lovely Little City Gyrau! ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter wonderland!

So, as anyone who knows me personally may know, I LOVE K-Pop. I LOOOOOOVE IT. recently, I've been more into G-Dragon and other YG artists. This baffles me because I'm usually into ballad artists and cute groups like DBSK(the original), SNSD, and Orange Caramel. this song in particular is one that's been on recent replay in my room :)

In addition to that, I haven't been blogging much, why? snow. that evil evil thing that cute off internet lines! In Chicago we got about 4ft of snow and I can't even leave my front porch! but hey, who's complaining? I got to make cookies today! and they where fabulous with my famous hot coco :3

on days like this it's delicious. :3 here's the recipe!

Kevi's Famous Hot Coco

1-1.5 packs of hot chocolate (preferably swiss miss)
1 cup of water (fill your mug if you'd like :) )
1 packet of sweetener(such as equal. it can be substituted with 1tsp. of sugar)
1 tbs. french vanilla coffee creamer (can sub 1 tsp. powdered creamer and a dash vanilla)
1/2 tsp. caramel sauce (like the kind you put on ice-cream)

microwave or boil the water until it...well... boils. :)then, in a coffee cup addin the coco powder (if your using powdered creamer, put in the powdered cream before the coco, so it dissolves better). after the coco add the french vanilla creamer and stir in the sugar packet. add in a spoon of caramel sauce and stir it until it's all dissolved in :D then- ENJOY!


HOPE YOU LIKE IT! well, that's all for today. Hope you stay safe and warm with your loved ones! :3

Thursday, January 27, 2011


so recently i've been in the habit of checking Gyaru_Fucks and G_S >< (idfk why) and as horrible as the western gal community can be, reading those comments only make me all the more thankful that my sisters are so nice and amazing :) i freakin love my circle in all it's comfort-cir glory :P

on another note~

I'm getting more into blogging :) a lot has happened in the last couple days, i saw Tomasa, my beloved big sis:
and my boyfriend over the weekend! <3

I also have been workin on new deco nails! like?

;) I've been gettin my gyaru on and loving it :)

till nxt time? <3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

The most asian kyds you know!

I HAD THE BEST FUCKIN DAY EVA! lol i hung out with my best friend, boyfriend, and my good friend Julian in celebration of Jen's birthday. i love that girl :D okay, time to pic whore~!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The burnt side of the toast.

now, anyone who knows me and or goes to school with me, knows that i have balls. (no, not really, lol) but in my make and when i'm dancing- well hell i don't give a fuck who sees me. what i do have a problem with is ignorance. and- you guessed it!- it's always the burnt side of the toast that displays ignorance the most. so today i was practicing my ass off so i'd have some new paras to add to my growing list of known dances, and these ignorant little.... "afro americans" decide to giggle and point. if you have an issue- that's on you, but when you mess with me and my Gyaru lifestyle, i get irritated. alright, fine, just turn up the music and concentrate. i did. and one of them pulls out a ipod camera....


if you want my picture or to record me dancing, just ask and i'll gladly set up the boom box and give you a show, but if you're trying to sneak a video, or even worse- doing it in front of my face, i want to kill you and use your bones in an idiot repellent spray.

><> IT'S MY BESTIES BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! don't tell her, but i got her a huge balloon and I'm gonna deco the hell out of our locker :) i love my friends! even if this world is full of idiots, as long as i have my besties to lean on and help up I'll be fine.
-Kevi <3>

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The best way to wash dishes, you ask? While dancing to eurobeat music ;3

Saturday, January 8, 2011