Thursday, January 13, 2011

The burnt side of the toast.

now, anyone who knows me and or goes to school with me, knows that i have balls. (no, not really, lol) but in my make and when i'm dancing- well hell i don't give a fuck who sees me. what i do have a problem with is ignorance. and- you guessed it!- it's always the burnt side of the toast that displays ignorance the most. so today i was practicing my ass off so i'd have some new paras to add to my growing list of known dances, and these ignorant little.... "afro americans" decide to giggle and point. if you have an issue- that's on you, but when you mess with me and my Gyaru lifestyle, i get irritated. alright, fine, just turn up the music and concentrate. i did. and one of them pulls out a ipod camera....


if you want my picture or to record me dancing, just ask and i'll gladly set up the boom box and give you a show, but if you're trying to sneak a video, or even worse- doing it in front of my face, i want to kill you and use your bones in an idiot repellent spray.

><> IT'S MY BESTIES BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! don't tell her, but i got her a huge balloon and I'm gonna deco the hell out of our locker :) i love my friends! even if this world is full of idiots, as long as i have my besties to lean on and help up I'll be fine.
-Kevi <3>

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