Monday, February 21, 2011


oh my goodness it's been too long since i last blogged! sorry for the lack of upkeep v.v I just got a "job" with Gallery37 and i never get home until 9 or 10 anymore :x well~ not much has happened in the little time laps, but I have made a new friend and taken up a new hobby! "hmmmmm what could this hobby be?" you may be thinking, well- it's none other then... *dramatic pause* DECODEN!!!! lol mmhmmm I've picked up the best clays and supplies I could find and I've been deco-ing my little head off! soon enough I'll decorate something, but as of now I'm just making sweets to attach to things. Cakes, Pies, doughnuts, Ice cream, EVEN POPTARTS! :P i'm so excited~ i could just die! (but not before I decorate my sad looking phone ><)

IN OTHER NEWS! so about my new friend. well, he's a very special friend indeed. He's a Japanese exchange student at my school! YAAAAAAAAY! (finally, someone who doesn't look at me like I'm insane at first glance xD)He'll only be here for a couple more months, but he has yet to experience the wonders of Japanese influenced Chicago! weeeeelll~you don't expect me to just let him be satisfied with downtown and main street chinatown do you? of course not >:) I plan on showing him a little bit of the Ameri-Gal spirit as well as my lovely endeavors with my otaku friends! lets hope this works out well, eh?

so besides that, nothing much is up. I miss my Gal sisters terribly and I can't wait to see them and show em all the new パラパラ and テクパラ I learned over our small hiatus! stay tuned for more in the eyes of a Lovely Little City Gyrau! ;)

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