Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter wonderland!

So, as anyone who knows me personally may know, I LOVE K-Pop. I LOOOOOOVE IT. recently, I've been more into G-Dragon and other YG artists. This baffles me because I'm usually into ballad artists and cute groups like DBSK(the original), SNSD, and Orange Caramel. this song in particular is one that's been on recent replay in my room :)

In addition to that, I haven't been blogging much, why? snow. that evil evil thing that cute off internet lines! In Chicago we got about 4ft of snow and I can't even leave my front porch! but hey, who's complaining? I got to make cookies today! and they where fabulous with my famous hot coco :3

on days like this it's delicious. :3 here's the recipe!

Kevi's Famous Hot Coco

1-1.5 packs of hot chocolate (preferably swiss miss)
1 cup of water (fill your mug if you'd like :) )
1 packet of sweetener(such as equal. it can be substituted with 1tsp. of sugar)
1 tbs. french vanilla coffee creamer (can sub 1 tsp. powdered creamer and a dash vanilla)
1/2 tsp. caramel sauce (like the kind you put on ice-cream)

microwave or boil the water until it...well... boils. :)then, in a coffee cup addin the coco powder (if your using powdered creamer, put in the powdered cream before the coco, so it dissolves better). after the coco add the french vanilla creamer and stir in the sugar packet. add in a spoon of caramel sauce and stir it until it's all dissolved in :D then- ENJOY!


HOPE YOU LIKE IT! well, that's all for today. Hope you stay safe and warm with your loved ones! :3

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